K-Cup Coffee Review

All About K-Cup Coffee Review

K-Cup coffee is a favourite of many people around the world. The coffee which is a product of Keurig, a Massachusetts based coffee machine manufacturing company that specializes in K-Cup single-serving brewing system, comes in many varieties to suit the different tastes of coffee drinkers. The fact that it is also very easy to prepare and requires very little time to prepare also gives it an edge in the coffee industry.

The K-Cup system is where machines are designed to brew a single cup of coffee or nay other hot beverage very quickly and supplied in a single-serving unit known as a K-Cup. Therefore K Cup coffee is a result of brewing coffee using the K-Cup system.
To make K-cup coffee, when the machine warms up, a K-Cup is inserted into it then a mug is placed under the spout before pressing the brew button and the K-Cup coffee is ready in a few seconds.

The Keurig machines brew the coffee by piercing the foil seal found on top of the plastic K-Cup with a spray nozzle and simultaneously, hot water whose quantity is measured is forced through the cup and passes through the ground coffee contained in a paper filter inside the K-Cup and comes out form the sprout into the cup put under the sprout.

The K-Cups come in various varieties of flavoured coffee with roast or blend options and the company is linked to various coffee roasters that have created K-Cup versions of their products. Reusable filters, known as My-K Cup, can also be used with the home brewer models.

The popular coffee brands that offer their products in K-Cup packaging around the world include: Barista Prima Coffeehouse, Caribou Coffee, Grove Square Coffee, Millstone Coffee, Tully's Coffee, Timothy's World Coffee, Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters among various others.

K-Cup coffee comes in either mild flavor variety that is very sweet like Coffee People's Kona Blend, medium flavor like Caribou Blend or bold flavor that has a very rich coffee taste like Tully's Coffee French Roast.

The coffee range in prices depending on the quality they are brewed as well as the quantity they are packed in. To reach the worldwide market, the various K-Cup coffee brands are sold online through various websites and can as well be easily found at local convenience stores in various countries around the worldwide.

There are various reasons why K-Cup coffee is preferred over coffee brewed traditionally. To begin with, K-Cups guarantee the best quality coffee unless one uses a wrong blend because they are easier to use compare to traditional coffee brewing. The K-Cup coffee is also brewed faster and gives one the option to chose various brew sizes and ensure they get the exact variety they want unlike traditional brewing where only standard coffee is brewed. The coffee is also always ever fresh even though one does not need to grind the beans because K-Cups are airtight. The K-Cup coffee brewers do not need much cleaning since they have no filters or glass to clean causing much relief to the owners.

K-Cup coffee may also be more expensive than blending traditional coffee but it is much cheaper than buying a cup of coffee daily and overtime a K-Cup brewer owner experiences various financial benefits.